An ancient art praising glory to women

Nowadays and particulary since the 90's, this dance became more and more popular in the world.

Called "raqs al sharqi" in arabic language, the bellydance includes the baladi (people dance), the sharqi (middle eastern dance) and different folkoric styles. This dance is one of the oldest in the world, it could be originating from the ancient rites of fertility.

As for France, it was Bonaparte's soldiers who discovered bellydance during the campaign of Egypt. At this time, this art was considered as the dance of the demon since the church said it was an invitation to prostitution.

Bellydance grew up in contact with other dances, it's neither an art stuck in time nor a lushy style where one's belly has just to be shaken. It brings physical flexibility, feminity, balance and it's accessible to everyone. It upgrades posture, head and arm carriage as well as self confidence.